Can I make a global change to the tempo in Session Percussionist?

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I work on a number that goes in 188bpm, but in alla breve, which means that perceived tempo is half: 94 bpm. This is because the final destination is a big band that just loves to play in alla breve. In Session Percussionist I can change the form x2 (double) to 1/2 (half) but only one pattern at the time! So if I want to try out another pattern I have to change all the involved "subpatterns" to play 1/2.
So is there a way to make SP playback 1/2 globally in a session?


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    you can deselect "ext" as clock source on top of Kontakt and set the tempo within kontakt to 94, then it should work like you want. As far as I know there is no global half or double time option for that instrument.

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