How to enable tags in Kontakt 7

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I am new to using NI products and learning about the Kontrol Series S Mk3 and Kontakt. In Kontakt I am unable to search by tags, screenshot is what I am seeing. Unable to select tags on my Kontrol as well. As in the screenshot below no Sound Type options show up for tag searching with Fables.

As well, when I select certain libraries, the sound does not properly show up, for example, Selecting Acoustic Dreams shows the last selected library presets which was Drum Lab.

I could not find much information myself when searching so hoping to get some answers here. Hopefully this post will help others as well.

Thanks for all the help!


  • Russellmus
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    This has been a bug for a while. If I recall correctly the solution is deleting a pref file, but I can't remember which one.

  • Kellyjamesmusic
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    Thanks! Appreciate the response :)

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