Kontakt crashes using Bitwig 5.2

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A lot of my libraries crash when trying to load in Bitwig 5.2 (they load fine in 5.1), although they load ok in Komplete Kontrol.

Its seems to happen to certain groups, so for instance with Heavyocity their Damage Series, Novo, Ascend and Unchartered all crash whereas the Gravity, Mosaic and Foundation series work fine.

It looks like from the crash logs that it might be due to graphics (as Bitwig 5.2 has introduced a new GUI and graphics card acceleration): -

Bitwig Log
cannot resolve resource: resources_ENG
cannot resolve resource: lib_ENG
[2024-6-1 14:19:43.109 error] Unexpected result in location Vst3PluginInstance::getPluginSize: kNotInitialized
[2024-6-1 14:19:43.109 error] Could not get initial size of plugin before opening window
[2024-6-1 14:19:51.007 info] Closing plug-in undo history file
[2024-6-1 14:20:21.097 info] Closing plug-in undo history file
[2024-6-1 14:21:9.195 error] Could not read repsonses: End of stream: Broken pipe
[2024-6-1 14:21:9.195 error] Could not process audio on client audio thread 13 using remote audio thread 0: End of stream: Broken pipe
[2024-6-1 14:21:9.195 info] Killing pluginhost process
[2024-6-1 14:21:9.207 info] Waiting for plugin host process to exit
[2024-6-1 14:21:9.274 info] Plugin host process exited with code: -1073740791

Others have reported this on other forums so I am not alone.

Many thanks

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