Kontakt 7 very slow at loading instruments

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Hi everyone,

since some 7.x.x updates, Kontakt seems to have trouble loading instruments like "The Maverick", "The Gentleman", "Vintage Keys" and others. Basically the initial loading bar before the instrument appears in the rack sometimes needs up to 30sec or longer until the instrument actually loads the samples, which is then as fast as usual. Before, the preload bar popped up only for a fraction of a second. This happend to me the last days in standalone mode.

My system is an Intel Mac Pro 2019 8-Core / 48GB RAM running latest Monterey macOS. The system is very clean, it's a 100% studio computer. Native Instruments Apps are installed on the default location on the internal Apple SSD, the libraries are located on an additional 2TB internal SATA SSD.

Anyone with the same problems?


  • Jeremy_NI
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    Hey @benmuetsch, sorry to stumble upon your thread 2 weeks after. Are you still experiencing this issue? Did you install the latest Kontakt 7 update (7.10.5)? This update fixed some similar issues:

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