NI software unusable in Mac Studio Ultra/Pro Tools

lazytoes Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

I just got a Mac Studio Ultra, M1 64 core. My OS is Sonoma, my DAW is Pro Tools 2020 and am using Komplete 11. I tried running Komplete 11 and I could only run certain modules…like Battery 4. The other modules i tried (Kontakt, Absynth, etc.) basically caused my session to crash. So, i tried upgrading to Komplete 14 and now nothing runs, not even Battery.

When I run protools i get a message that absynth, battery and komplete "are not valid 64 bit AAX plug ins"…not sure what this means but basically Pro Tools shuts down when i try to load any NI modules.

What is fighting my NI software? Is it the OS? Is it pro tools? I was thinking of downgrading my OS to Ventura. Will this work? Should I also update my pro tools software along with downgrading to Ventura?

Help! I have a number of projects I need to finish. Need expert's recommendation ASAP

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