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Help Required with NI Products

db133 Member Posts: 17 Sine
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I have a long list of NI Products purchased over many years.

I am unable to use them due to the complications in the set up system/s on my Computers.

I did purchase a computer just for NI products that I am on now. The set up was working : guitar rig 3/5 and kore 2 for my keyboard. They were the only two programs I wanted and they worked. I was not minded to expand onto the other NI products in the above mention list due to lack of assistance from NI who had moved on with the products lines.

These are old now but they are very good when working.

I dare to think there is someone out there who feels the same way and understands the problems for a law person trying to use just Guitar Rig and Core 2.

Over the years I have spent hundreds of £'s and hours and hours of time to get to this plea for some help

Kind regards to all




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