can i dual stream using traktor

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I am looking to replace VDJ and Traktor seems to have what i need BUT i can`t find any info regarding dual streaming ( my current set up uses winamp and lets me stream to up to five places at once). I am replacing vdj because of its inability to dual stream and won`t buy Traktor until i know it Can dual stream.


  • PK The DJ
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    To the best of my knowledge:

    You can't dual stream directly from any DJ software.

    VirtualDJ is the only software that can stream directly (I use it myself).

    By the way, congratulations on having such a huge global audience that you are forced to stream to multiple places at once. 😁

  • Lynkz
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    Dude I've used vdj professionally for some time and given it's price it sucks that it won't dual stream. Yes I do often need to stream to more than one station. Sometimes 3 or 4 and traktor, as I've now discovered, can stream to up to 6 locations simultaneously. I'm currently traveling and don't have my usual set up. I was relying on vdj to cope but it fails so onto traktor pro 3.

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    Are there not external programs that would allow you to do it?

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