Feature request: multiple deck instances

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One area in Traktor that could use improvement is managing the next track you're going to play. In the vinyl days this was easy: you picked 2 or 3 records from your record box . You would cycle and cue up those songs, and place the "maybe tracks" on a ledge near the turntable or in front of your record box. this way you could easily hear and evaluate how your next track would sound with the out-going track.

As a 2 deck user I have to reload and recue all of my tracks-on-deck when I cycle through these maybe-tracks. I can use the preview player, but I can't access hot-cues or change pitch. This might not be an issue for 4-deck layout users, but I don't like that view - it's too crowded on the screen.

I thought of a great solution:

For each deck, (that's hard wired to a mixer channel), let the user select 4 (or some number) of instances that maintain your preloaded tracks/current loops/play location/pitch setting in memory so it's instantaneous to switch between the instances, and it maintains all settings.

There's some solution here that could be done done with different layout options, but right now I think this is a bit of a weak point with traktor using a 1920x1080 display. And even at that, you can only have a maximum of 3 additional tracks loaded with 4 decks max. My idea is to have 4 or 8 preloaded tracks per deck.

Thanks for reading.

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