How would I connect a Yamaha Reface keyboard to use with a Maschine mk3?

denisbkk Member Posts: 8 Member

I found a bunch of posts about connecting midi keyboards to Maschine but I am not clear on if I can just connect them via USB to my Mac and that's all I need to do to be able to play chords and leads in keyboard mode on the Maschine? Is it possible to have both Maschine mk3 and another midi keyboard both connected via USB and then use both together inside Maschine software?

Or would I need to connect to the Midi in on the Maschine mk3 directly?


  • Jeremy_NI
    Jeremy_NI Customer Care Posts: 8,887 mod

    Yes, plugging it to your Mac with the USB cable should do the trick, you should then see it as a MIDI input in the Maschine software. Looks like Yamaha has made an article about it: Connecting reface to DAW

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