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good evening to the native-instruments team,

I would like to ask you a question and in the answer you will give me if it is possible to explain it to me.

I play live, I play with my fingers. I want to put a crash cymbal on a pad from the machine plus and hold it down and have the sensitivity as I would play with a mallet cymbal roll.

if there is this possibility, please tell me how it is done.

thanks in advance



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    You want to hold down the pad and as you increase pressure you want a roll effect that gets louder as if a drummer was hitting a real cymb with mallets like this:

    Exactly the way you want it… no. This is not so easy to emulate with samples, at least if you want it to sound somewhat realistic + have dynamics control.

    Note-repeat can have velocity sensitivity as you apply more presure on the Pad (for the crescendo) - But the issue with note-repat (without round-robin or many velocity layers) is it gives you a "machine-gun" sound and also it's a global feature so you would not be able to play the other Pads without note repeat.

    When I want this sound I try to find the best possible cymbal sample, often using AHD so I can use a slower attack, long release and a Velocity modulation of about 30-40% on a Low Pass filter so the lower velocities aren't as 'bright' then I just play/roll it with two fingers, sounds like this:

    The above is close enought for me since I am not trying to achieve full-on realism.

    Other than that… I'd just have to find a cymbal roll sample that fits as is with ADSR so when I let go of the Pad it stops at the given Release value - But with this option, I dont control the speed of the crescendo.

    On the computer version you have more options for specialized drum instruments.

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    yes, that's exactly what I asked, thanks for the information, I hope in the future in some update they will have these parameters because for us who play machine plus live with our fingers it would be very convenient.

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