Why does Kontakt 7 GUI fliker inside of Vienna Ensemble Pro 7?

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According to this website, which lists system requirements for Kontakt 7, my graphic adapter (NVIDA GeForce GTX 1600 Ti) meets or surpasses those requirements.


GeForce 16 series page ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GeForce_16_series )shows the system architecture is well above the requirements set by NI.

I had no problem with Kontakt 6.8, but it no longer functions inside the Vienna Ensemble.

No, I don't have G-sync enabled, and the driver is current.

The flickering (shimmering, really, from very bright to very dim several times per second) is not only annoying but also makes the interface unusable in VE Pro 7. Kontakt is O.K. inside of Cubase 13.

More of a rant here to say that this shows Kontakt 7 to be an inferior product. Several other GUIs work fine with VE Pro 7; maybe NI developers could give a shout-out to any other crowd of folks who built those?

By the way, people are chattering all over the Internet about this problem, so I know where this puts the responsibility to own the solution.



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    If it’s OK in Cubase, then the problem is most likely with VEP and not with Kontakt.

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