Maschine Software with Komplete Kontrol S49 or Maschine mk3 / What are your recommendations?

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I use a Komplete Kontrol S49 to control Maschine software. I got into using the software as the S49 has so many dedicated buttons and as a result the workflow is really nice. I got so much into it over the months that I started thinking if I'm missing anything from not using a Maschine controller?

I'm not talking about the obvious differences like the Maschine having pads. Sure. I don't mind banging out beats on the keyboard, but yeah I get it might be more fun to use the pads.

But how about workflow, additional buttons available on the controller etc.? For example, looking at the front of the Maschine I am missing for example buttons for Arpeggiator and Scale as on the S49. Scale is probably more a function for a keyboard (but I am wondering if the "Keyboard" function on Maschine also provides features like chord play for example or play in key). And for arpeggiator I am wondering why is there no button on the Maschine? How do you access it on there as I'm sure it has the same as on the S49?

On the S49 I have buttons for Scenes, Pattern, Track. On the Machine I see buttons for for Scenes, Pattern, but not track. But it has additional buttons for groups. And I see an "Arranger" button, wondering what that is for.

Anyways, just wanted to get people's opinion if it's worth for me considering a Maschine controller. Will it provide better integration than the S49 which I already find quite good?

And if yes, could it replace the S49 completely? Or are you able to use the S49 and Maschine together at the same time in Maschine?

Looking for your input, recommendations and experiences with this setup. Thanks!

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