I lost my old dfh Drumkit From Hell files

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I recorded an album about 20 years ago with Battery and the Toontrack dfh drumkit. It came, as I remember well, on two cd's.

I lost the original drumkit and asked Toontrack, but they didn't support the old kit anymore and they also could not provide it because they lost the samples too.

I want to remaster the old album, but with the old kit.

So the question is, who can help me? Buying, downloading?



  • Kaiwan_NI
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    Hi @hvr1956 we've got a Buy/Sell/Trade thread here where you can ask around:

    But it's mainly for NI products. And given that Drumkit From Hell can't be used in Battery, I'm not entirely certain how much luck you'll have there….

  • hvr1956
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    The funny part is that this early drumkit was developed for a sampler as Battery. Later Toontrack created EZ and Superior Drummer and indeed, these do not work with Battery. The old files came with the EZ plugin, but also here I'm not sure. It had it long ago…😓

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