Subject: Kontakt 7 Crashing on Launch (Mac M2 Max, Sonoma 14.4.1)

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I'm currently experiencing an issue with Kontakt 7. My Mac crashes and restarts immediately after launching Kontakt 7, regardless of whether I use it in standalone mode or within my DAW.

Additional Information:

  • Device: Macbook Pro (M2 Max)
  • OS: Sonoma 14.4.1
  • DAW: Ableton Live 12 (Note: The issue occurs even in standalone mode)
  • Version: Kontakt 7.10.2

It's worth mentioning that Kontakt 6 Player works perfectly on my system.

Would you be able to assist me in resolving this problem?


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  • Ginnydot
    Ginnydot Member Posts: 2 Newcomer

    I'm having the same issue have you resolved it?

  • echobreezy
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    Same problem. Troubleshooting that's been recommended does not work at all. Kontakt will not load using AU2 plug-in and will crash the daw. If I use VST2 or VST3 to load K7, my whole computer crashes. No other VST from my Komplete collection does this. I've checked the libraries, and everything is set up correctly; so it has to be a software issue.

    For reference, if an NI admin checks these comments - these are my specs.

    • Device: Macbook Pro (M3 Max)
    • OS: Sonoma 14.4.1
    • DAW: Ableton Live Suite 12
    • Version: Kontakt 7.10.2 (reinstalled twice, no dice)

    hope we can get this fixed soon.

  • ivicam
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  • Tommyd
    Tommyd Member Posts: 26 Member

    I'm having exactly the same issue.

    I upgraded from 14.4.1 to 14.5 and it did not change. I'm using M2 Max. Kontakt 7.10.2. Also reinstalled it and reinstalled Native Access etc. These issues never stop. Very frustrating to be an NI customer.

    I followed the link to an experimental build of Kontakt but it's just their generic page and I cannot find the download.

    This is not OK!

  • dbmusicmaniac
    dbmusicmaniac Member Posts: 13 Member

    Hi, same here in Cubase!

    Unfortunately the problem was not fixed by installing Sonoma 14.5, which I was really hoping for. I'm kinda desperate and disappointed, because the ultrawide monitor is my main and I can't work properly. Not even after the Kontakt 7.10.2 update. This issue was not occuring under Sonoma 14.4 where it worked in flawlesly.

    MacBook Pro Max M3, Sonoma 14.5, Cubase 13.0.30, Kontakt 7.10.2, Samsung 57" Odyssey Neo G9 (connected by DisplayPort or HDMI - niether of them work, same as changing the Hz from 120 to 60 or resolution from 8K to 4K doesn't help get it running).

  • Tommyd
    Tommyd Member Posts: 26 Member

    I finally got Kontakt 7 to work, at least in initial tests. (First time it has ever launched without a crash or kernel panic.)

    Sonoma 14.5, Kontakt 7.10.5. (I tried 7.10.4 and it would crash every time.). Running on M2 Max, Mac Studio.

    It won't show in the Full Disk Access window, but it works without Full Disk Access so far anyway. Fingers crossed.

    That was a long haul to get it going. Very relieved. Thanks to NI Support, they emailed me back every day for many days as we worked through it. In my case it was a total uninstall and 7.10.5 that made it go. Thanks to NI Support.

  • moonintheclouds
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    Kontakt 7.10.5 is still crashing in sonoma 14.5…. I have a m2 mac mini pro…. however on my m2 mac studio there have been no crashes…. also went back to kontakt 7.4 and it was crashing… I think the problem may be with sonoma 14.5….

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