How do I get the serial number for komplete 7 with no box?

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My friend had the box in his apartment and when he passed away the cleaned out the place quickly for now tenants. Truly disgusting. I have a TON of old projects with komplete 7 using mostly Kontakt Fm8 and Absynth. i got them to load when i purchased the new kontakt but I'm really not all that tech savvy. especially absynth it only loads as a demo. i know that komplete 7 came out a long time ago i just wanna know if there is anyway to have the old projects load properly. I have to load them all separate for every instance of kontakt on different channels. Its incredibly time consuming and extremely frustrating. PLEASE HELP. Thanks in advance for your response it is greatly appreciated.


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    How do I get the serial number for komplete 7 with no box?

    Sorry , I do not think that that is possible , that is more or less like asking "where can I get stuff for free" . Also for reason among others that N.I. do not want to be put in a situation where they sell something and then later someone complains that they sell things they do not want to support (if not you then someone else) then N.I. generally do not provide licenses to old versions software , not even if you have bought the new version.

    If the deceased had a N.I. account and registered the Komplete 7 software then it is possible that the heirs can recover access to the account and somehow transfer the serial to you (I could neither say for sure nor promise). :

    "I Have No Access to My User Account"

    Another venue is to buy a second hand license for the software that you need.

    Anyway then Komplete 7 sounds awfully old and you might just open up a sort can of problems both with respect to getting the software activated and with respect to modern OS compatibility. (old software versions often runs best on old OS versions)

    Kontakt, Fm8 and Absynth. all comes in versions that will run on a modern OS though Absynth is declared legacy and is not sold anymore , but again can be bought second-hand at a price. However again if you have old presets then I couldn't say if you will get into problems loading on newer versions, you might though.

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