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Does anyone else have a problem with the Roland D10 sustain? My problem is that when using it, the notes are often truncated- suddenly staccato, it’s usually just one of the notes in a chord. It’s probably not got anything to do with Native hardware- but I was just wondering if anyone has the same problem and has found a solution?

Which sustain pedals are people using that work flawlessly with the Native hardware?

I’m on an S88 MK3 on Mac Sonoma latest OS.



  • Jeremy_NI
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    Hey @Phil Norris I guess you mean the Roland DP 10, it's a half damper pedal, right? One of my clleagues made it work with a Kontrol MK3, this is how he did it:

    For the DP-10, the switch mode works out of the box. For continuous mode to work, it requires some extra steps:

    • Make sure that you set the pedal itself to continuous mode
    • calibration works “the other way round”, when the hardware asks for “Move the pedal all the way down”, do nothing, then when the hardware says “Move the pedal all the way up”, press the sustain pedal
    • after that it sends out continuous data on CC11 
    • after changing the MIDI CC to 64, it works and recalls as expected

    I think it's the only half damper pedal known to work. Regular sustain pedals that are known to work: M Audio SP2, Yamaha FC7, Casio SP-7, Fatar VFP1-25, Fatar PS-100 and Boss FS-5U

    The implementation of the pedals and thir setup will be improved in the coming updates.

    Here are our guide to setup pedals: How to Configure Sustain / Expression Pedals on Kontrol Keyboards

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