What do you have to do to get this S88 MK3 to work?

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Ok - I spent my money on an S88 MK3. It had no power supply. I bought a good one. I tried top add my serial on Mac - it didn't work. All the modules failed to install, because the software doesn't support masking, and will just install all the latest drivers and software - even if it wont work. So I ordered a new Mac - let's see what happens. Meanwhile, I also have a very good quality up to date PC (expensive HP Laptop Workstation - Windows 11) - a powerful modern machine with lots of connections.

I installed the Native access, followed the guide, added the serial and came a step further. Keyboard sent me to ni.de/kontrol-update - I tried to update my firmware, the updater can't see the keyboard - even though Windows says that the device is ready and can see the S88.

I go online in this forum and hear excuse after excuse about USB-C hubs, cables etc.

The keyboard came with a cable (thanks guys) - this cable doesn't work.

Do any of the Native products work at all?

Do you want me to experiment buying USB-C hubs and cables to get it to work.

I might actually send it back now - it's terrible - never seen anything like it.

Not impressed.

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    @Phil Norris I replied to another thread, let's try to keep only one ;-) I've added the screenshots to your support request, my colleagues should get back to you with the next steps.


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