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I can sample NI sounds only..... when I record I hear nothing on playback. Im using UAD with Garageband with midi k32......... any advice?


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    Where to start ? Sounds as an obvious problems with either settings or drivers ! And since you give no information about either then how are people to even guess ?

    To give people a better chance of helping you then please tell which programs/plugins are involved ? what are the program versions ? Also please post screenshots of the audio settings in the programs (including DAW) (if you are using N.I. plugins then of sound settings in the stand-alone app)

  • Tomjaneiro
    Tomjaneiro Member Posts: 14 Newcomer

    I am running macOS 12.7.4 I am trying Kontakt 7 it records.....but there is no sounds on playback. If I move the recording to a different track it will playback but only in an apple-sound like classic piano for example.

    im running MacOS 12.7.4

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