WARNING: "CC11 not received yet" message on Music Work Center Sax Plug In

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Hi. Wondering if anybody can help with fix on this plug in which won't sound. (Yes I know most will say Kenny G should never sound in any format lol... I am a sax player and actually the alto plug in sounds like a good contemporary sound compared to many) ...

The problem:

I can trigger sound with cursor on blue keyboard but no signal to logic DAW with midi keyboard or Ewi wind synth.

All the setup videos by the plug in co. completely out of date as dashboard doesn't have the same features.

Additional point - when I click 'main view' menu in the middle there is a long drop down of controller types. Which one is right for Ewi.



  • stephen24
    stephen24 Member Posts: 324 Pro

    Both must use the same controller number for volume. I believe the EWI can be programmed to send any controller number. Looks as though your VST needs a volume message before it can make any sound.

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