I appreciate I can unsubscribe, but come on NI, it feels like emails are non stop

Ojustaboo Member Posts: 257 Advisor

As per title, I like to be kept informed but it’s getting like Spam and if it continues, I’ll be unsubscribing.

Take March.

28th save 20% this Piano day…..

22nd Get 15% off new instruments, effects ………

20th Pick up nine expansions…

17th Free gift

15th save 50% on Izotope …

13th See what’s on offer at plugin Alliance

12th Meet Trash Izatopes …….

8th Get Komplete 14 and enjoy …..

4th save 50% on Izotopes tools to ……….

3rd. Explore the new free …….

1st. Get Jason Collier ……..


  • Vocalpoint
    Vocalpoint Member Posts: 1,361 Guru

    Can't really stop this stuff - unless you unsubscribe.


  • JesterMgee
    JesterMgee Member Posts: 2,758 Expert

    Just unsubscribe, u'll be glad you did.

  • Rico010
    Rico010 Member Posts: 104 Advisor

    Same here. I just unsubscribed… and to be honest… I see NI wants to sell stuff, but I don’t see them fixing issues and adding features.

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