KOMPLETE 14 Download speed problems

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I saw a thread on this a year ago, But I am trying to download my KOMPLETE KONTROL 14 COLLECTORS, and it is taking "DAYS," and it will easily take a week or "two." I have 1GB high-speed WIFI. I have a brand new external HD with a 3.0 USB-C connection and have tried THUNDERBOLT connections too—a BRAND NEW MAC STUDIO. Does anyone else have this problem? I'd like to know if I'm not alone on this, or maybe I'm doing something wrong here.


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    " I have 1GB high-speed WIFI"

    You are doing something wrong - unfortunately.

    As there is no such thing as 1GB WIFI (maybe if you work at NASA :)

    And your USB-C connection (while better than it was) - is nowhere near as fast as an internal NVMe or SSD drive.

    You need a wired ethernet connection and internal drives to really speed this up dramatically.

    Also note - the NI servers regulate their downloadable traffic - so regardless of how fast your connection is - you will never see a 1GB download speed regardless of what you do.

    The big bottleneck for you is the WIFI - it will take days (but more like weeks)


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