HELP ! Can't access my instruments

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Had to change to a new computer (my old one broke)....I'm all registered and swapped a drive from my old PC to my new one (containing all my NI instruments), but my Komplete Kontrol (software) wont pick up my NI instruments.....Windows can see the files, but KK doesn't.....I've re scanned but it's still not picking my instruments up (even in stand alone mode).....wondered if I need to change the file path but not sure how.....any help very appreciated.


  • Blindeddie
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    Have you opened Native Access to see the status of the Installs? if you are getting the instruments showing on the "Not Installed" tab, (due to the fact the new computer has no Idea that the libraries were ever registry and all) then hover over "Install"... if a Magnifying glass appears, then click that and you can set the location of the library. For plugins, you have to do a fresh install (Kontakt, Reaktor, Battery and effects etc) and any Expansions. If they are showing as needing "Repair", then you need to Locate the libraries as well... but again, plugins may have to be reinstalled...

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    thanks for replying......when I say new computer, it's one I used before, so I know it works, but I reinstalled all my N.I stuff and all is set up as should be, that's why I was wondering about the path route

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