How do I contact NI to request a 'resend' of a pro 3 licence they sent so as that I can set up my S8

John Anthony
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In 2018 I purchased an S8 from djbox Tallagh where I asked the sales man to set up the system in my laptop as I am not computer savvy. He Kindly did so but somehow used a different e-mail address to my own. He did write the address on a piece of paper which he put in the S8 box, unfortunately he never added a password. When my laptop froze in July 2020 preventing me even opening the laptop I had to purchase a new one. I tried setting Traktor up on this laptop but as it was not registered under my own e-mail address I was unable to do so. When I opened my 'account' which then showed my ownership of a Tracktor Scratch Audio 8 dj, { now no longer there } there was also no sign of the purchase of the S8, so basically I do not own it. I contacted the store numerous times only to be told they were not responsible for the issue with my S8. Finally Mark, the manager of djbox obtained a pro 3 licence which he said would allow me to use the S8 on the new laptop. I was able to download the licence but when I tried to install it my most recent password was not accepted and I cannot remember the original one I used for the Traktor Scratch as it was purchased over 12 years ago. I eventually accessed a page where I could change my password but when I went to use that it was not accepted { it was accepted to join this community }. I am thinking the period allowed to install the licence had expired { there was a note saying this 'ticket' is now closed. I contacted Mark again and he said there was nothing more that could be done. Surely this cannot be the case after I spending over 2,000 euros on Traktor products and was looking forward to purchasing 'producing' products so that I could make my own music. I am at a loss here as I have not been able to contact NI via e-mail and have been trying to do so for a week now. Does anyone know what I can do to resolve this issue, thanks, John


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