is Komplete 9 & 10 software drives still of use ?

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I still have Komplete 9 & 10 software drives. One is 300 GB and the other is 500 GB and I am wondering if there is any reason that I should still hold onto them?


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    It's possible that they can be used for installation by a future version of Native Access (?) , but I couldn't say for sure. (if you still have the licenses). Besides 300 and 500Gb mechanical drives (?) is really not much worth these days considering the price of a cheap SSD drive same size…

    On the other hand , I don't know what is included with the K9 and K10 and if your never going to use them then no need to holding onto them anyway. But if you are going to sell the licenses then maybe buyers will be happy to get the drives, dunno..

    Also , ref. : N.I. Forum Buy / Sell / Trade

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