3.11.1 Waveform bugged,freezed program meanwhile playing,want to downgrade

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Just bought the S4mk3 controller 2 weeks ago and i've encountered huge problems with latest patch which was the only one i could've download at this point. Is there any possibility downgrading the software version to a stable one? Can't reproduce the freeze,it happens meanwhile i'm playing in clubs,i can't stay and film it,i have to restart fast the program to actually connect the console back.

macosx 13.2 ventura, 8 gb ram, m1 pro 2020 retina.

the laptop had no problems with other dj softwares / consoles from other providers.


  • Sûlherokhh
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    Maybe this?:

    Especially this part:

    There can be more reasons for you problems , you could have neglected to give all N.I. app full access to all drives in MAC security (User profile says Apple M1 Pro & MAC OS Ventura 13 )

  • playrosso
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    i have all of them on full access,this ain't the problem i have. The version has some lazy waveform drawing with laggy effect,freezes randomly without giving any dB on channels & master with other controls working fine (happened 2 times already after 6 events).

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    The last few Traktor updates NI tried to tackle problems with the GFX. If you want to pinpoint the cause and exclude problems with the S4 displays, you can install my S4MK3 qml mod that provides a shortcut which deactivates the two screens for stress testing (link in my signature).

    I'm on win10 so i don't have experience with MAC OS. Someone else needs to check other causes for you.

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