maschine is hard to use



  • Mutis
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    Serato studio integrate these without extra plugins/apps and also designed with music production not djing in mind.

  • swingmix
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    captain-plugins is just a MIDI generator.

    captain-plugins don't have so many good expansion sounds.

    The extended sound of MASCHINE is very professional and very classic. I bought a lot of them, but I couldn't input chords to generate the musical structure I wanted.

  • ozon
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    @swingmix wrote:

    I couldn't input chords to generate the musical structure I wanted

    IMO it’s quite simple:

    • Browse for Sound
    • Load Sound
    • Switch to Pattern mode
    • Select free slot
    • Switch to Keyboard mode
    • Hit record
    • Press Pads
    • Hit Stop
    • Quantize


    Or use the Chords mode. Even simpler.

  • Impermanence
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    Machine is not hard to use.

    It is really easy. Study the manual and tutorials.

    Insert effort.

  • PK The DJ
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    captain-plugins is just a MIDI generator

    ....and what's wrong with that? You seem to want automated tools to "write music" for you instead of actually playing things in - that's what those plugins do.

  • Psyearth5
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    i wanted costume Chords to Pads feature and i started a big wish but in meanwhile i had to create and playing shords can be easy if you have a patience to find chord that fit together the way you wanted and thats it. if you want to compose music quckly then maschines chords are enough for start and even much more. be patience and learn things you can do it easy and leave hard for special training . one thing its sure , if you feel like an Artist then dont hide your music and finish what you started and then go to next , believe in your self.

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