Sound issue with behringer UFO202 audio interface

Nick A
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I have bought the behringer UFO202 audio interface so that i can listen to my vinyl. My set up is as follows ~

A pair of Rokits connected to Traktor Kontrol

Traktor connected to laptop via usb

UFO202 connected to laptop via usb

turntable connected to UFO202

My laptop sounds settings are:

INPUT - Microphone (2 USB Audio Codec)

OUTPUT - Master (Traktor Kontrol S2 MK2 WDM Audio)

When i play vinyl i can see that there is a signal in the sound options in Windows but their is no sound coming from the speakers but when i test the Output device i can hear the test signal from my Rokits. I have updated all drivers but nothing has changed. Not sure what to try next, its strange because if i listen to a track saved on my laptop the sound comes via the Rokits.

Any help would be most appreciated,




  • Kubrak
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    You cannot use directly two audio interfaces (Behringer and Traktor Kontrol) in Traktor SW. Also it would be better to use ASIO drivers over WDM ones.

    If you want to use two audio interfaces, use SW ASIO4All. Or plug monitors to Behringer and use just Behringer.

  • Nick A
    Nick A Member Posts: 5 Member

    Thanks for the reply Kubrak, i actually got it to work after may searches on Google. All i needed to do was disable the USB Audio Codec in the Playback settings in Windows and then link it to that device so every time the audio interface is connected the sound goes through speakers connected via Traktor. I've just seen a NI video where you can link the turntable to Traktor with Live Audio setting, so going to give that a go now.

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