What Exactly Is Soundwide?

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Decent read https://futuremusic.com/2022/04/26/what-exactly-is-soundwide/

Ultimately, what does Soundwide feel is the real tangible benefit to end users of bringing Native Instruments, iZotope, PluginAlliance, Brainworx, SoundStack and others together?

“The immediate tangible benefit from our view is that we’ve grown to an extended team of nearly 700 talented people who have no secrets from each other as we work to deliver products that empower the creative community,” Misicka responded. “Across our Soundwide teams, we have capabilities in highly integrated software and hardware, artificial intelligence and machine learning, cloud, sound design, hardware emulation, audio platform technologies, and more. No longer ‘competitors,’ we can work together to design the most comprehensive music and audio creation ecosystem the industry has ever seen.”

“The overarching aim is to help Soundwide become the go-to brand in the music and sound creation industry,” Spetzler declares. “We have what we understand to be the largest engineering team and AI/research team in the music tech industry by some measure, and we hope to use this advantage to create better innovations, with a focus on ease of use and the best value for our customers.”


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    Thanks for sharing... exciting stuff ahead!

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