How to change the midi channel on my S61Keyboard MK3

Gibiru24 Member Posts: 2 Newcomer

Cannot find the Midi button, where it use to be in Komplete Kontrol 3.2, and I cannot find how to change the midi channel???

Any Idea....



  • Vic Angelo
    Vic Angelo Member Posts: 115 Advisor

    this was official as of April 3rd… "At the moment it is not possible to edit the MIDI channel or MIDI assignments on the Kontrol mk3 keyboard, it will come in an update."

    kontrol mk3 was such a rush job, MIDI flexibillity is such a basic feature in any other device

    unknown if this has been updated yet, I no longer update anything Native instrument

  • Maciej Repetowski
    Maciej Repetowski Member Posts: 610 Guru

    Not yet, it will come once MIDI templates on device are implemented.

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