Need Single Midi Note Hold Script (Kontakt 7)

ShredderJ Member Posts: 2 Newcomer

Been working on this for a month now, and just dead end after dead end…

I am a guitarist using a synth pickup to drive the Stradi Violin program in Kontakt. From a keyboard, sustain works beautifully as long as you keep the key pressed down, but from guitar, the Midi note drops as soon as the string fades to a certain vol level.

I need to use a cc message with a momentary push pedal I have to sustain a single note (after it’s initiated and still playing) until I decide for it to be released. Midi Latch does not work for this because it starts sustaining and holding the note even when you don’t want it to, and also any following notes. Can’t get it to release notes using a cc message. I haven’t found a way to use a cc message to bypass any particular script either.

Any help much appreciated!!

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