Kontakt 7 Crashes your DAW - I have a fix! - (RTSS) is the culprit!!

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I have finally solved my Issues with Kontakt 7 Crashing Ableton (sometimes Cubase 13) Haven't tested Cubase yet. I will though.

If you have MSI Afterburner running this will also trigger RTSS (Riva tuner) to be running also, which in turn injects the RTSS HOOK into Kontakt and/or Ableton.

This is what is causing the crashes.

Just close Afterburner (RIVA tuner will close also), then open up your DAW, and Bang, no more crashing.

This also applies to Komplete Kontrol as well.

@Jeremy_NI If you could add this to the Kontakt 7 FAQ please, for others who may have issues.


  • Jeremy_NI
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    @rdalcroft Thanks for the information, taking a note and sharing it with my colleagues from support, QA and Kontakt devs.

  • rdalcroft
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    Just tested Cubase 13 too. No more crashing.

    Reaper DAW never suffered from this, as far as I can remember.

    But probably just better to close MSI Afterburner, before using your DAW.

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