Anyone know of libraries, free or paid, with sounds like these?

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Dear Anyone.

Basically - Wannabe New Age Composer wants Pad Sounds - but NICE ones, not Deep Space Alien Screams! These kinda things.... (for Kontakt 6,. sorry, can't run 7, my DAW can't read it.)

Any of the backing sounds from a minute-and-a-half-in onwards. And...

ANYTHING similar to these sounds - don't have to be exactly the same, but warm, rich, full, the things they call 'Worship Pads'/'Worship Keys', you'll get the idea. I suck at programming them - have tried, trust me! - love writing New Age, am happy to use free but have a budget of about £150 to buy things, just have no idea what to go for. Tried one library because of its example tracks, there were 8 usable pads (they made the tracks with those) and about 200 ******!?!?! moments I've never been able to use on anything!

Hope someone answers.

Yours respectfully



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