Soft Takeover not working....

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So I have a knob on my X1 (MK1) mapped to the wet/dry on my FX unit.

I've also got it mapped to GAIN (Deck A) when SHIFT is pressed. So, when it's used for Dry/Wet, it's usually set at 100%.

The behaviour I expected, with Soft Takeover checked in my mapping, is, the Gain value would not change until the value of the knob (coming down from 100%) in Traktors mixer, until the pick up value (whatever the Gain is currently set to) is met.

But this is not the case. Gain is jumping to the knob value as soon as the knob is moved. Anyone know if I'm doing something wrong?

I use external mixing (DVS w/Pioneer DJM-850), so, I need to control the Gain in Traktor if I want to use Traktor FX that have any kind of tail....


  • Sûlherokhh
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    Do you use more than one mapping file for the X1? Do you use overmapping (which has an override box in the assignment settings)?

  • Stevan
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    I believe this is a limitation on X1 Mk1 and X1 Mk3 also have this issue currently. Soft takeover definitely works with my other MIDI controllers.

    Mk1 doesn't have any overmapping capabilities like X1 Mk2 as well.

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