hiss problem in vinyl mode

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hello, I configured Tracktor Pro 3 with a Z2 table and everything works in timecode mode (epsilon djt 1300 usb vinyl turntable). But I have a hissing problem as soon as I switch to vinyl disc playback mode. I would like to point out that there is no earthing on my turntables. Have you ever encountered this problem and is there anyone who can advise me? Sincerely


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    As I understand it, this turntable can also output a line signal, correct? have you tried this before?

  • E.rex
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    i once had self grounded turntables and traktor gave me a million headaches every day with playing the sound backwards or getting sound input errors, i sold the self grounded turntables, bought turntables with ground wires and the problems mostly disappeared, still happens but only once in a red moon.

  • gillou
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    Thank you for your answers, in fact these turntables have a phono or line mode, it makes no difference using one or the other always a very significant breath. I will test my turntables on another mixer to find out if the problem comes from the decks or the Z2 table. Kind regards.

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