from 13 standard to 14 ultimate cost.

Howard Tesphaye
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wow! im elated, i finally can see this going somewhere. i now know that i need komplete 14 ultimate, to get the "sunburst deluxe"... its playable...i just need to know the price to go from Komplete 13 standard to komplete 14 Ultimate...


  • mykejb
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    If you log into your account on the Native Instruments web site you should see pricing for products based on what you already own.

  • PoorFellow
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    For best compare of prices and bundle content then please visit the Bundle compare page where you can always see the present prices for Bundles and Updates and Upgrades. If not already conscious about it, then take notice of the difference between the updates and the upgrades ! You can see the difference at the compare prices at the compare page ! But update is from same product tier to same tier of newer version and upgrade is from a lower product tier to a higher product tier of same or newer generation !

    Also as already suggested by Mykejb then , when logged in , then you can always see price for relevant upgrade offers on the My Komplete Offers page !

    Prior to doing any purchase then please always check that your computer and OS meets at least the minimum system requirements for the product in question !

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