No sound from USB Sound device after change of computer ...

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I previously used Kontakt (5, I think) with the Terratec Wavetable library, and it all worked fine with my Terratec Guitar MIDI Controller (under Windows 7 and then Windows 10).

I recently changed my PC but still use Windows 10. After installing Kontact v6 and v7 (I couldn't find v5) I have got the Terratec Wavetable library into both versions of Kontakt and can select instruments satsifactorily, and I get the usual indications of activity on hitting keys on the GUI Keyboard of a piano instrument. (I will only start setting up my Terratec controller once I resolve the problem that lies behind this post.)

The problem is that I get no sound from my USB Audio device, which works normally with all my other audio applications. I have selected the correct USB Audio device in the configuration dialogue, and increased volumes to maximum, but no joy. Only the two WASAPI driver variants are available and neither work. Strangely, if I select audio output via my (video) monitor sound driver, that works, but of course, that's not good enough for this purpose.

Am I missing something? Both Kontakt 6 and 7 behave the same way.

Any help will be appreciated.

Kenneth Spencer

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