Tracks move on their own even though they are not started (Google Translate)

I connected my Denon MC6000mK1 to Traktor 3.x (the latest version).

The sync works ideally until I use one of the two jog wheels and move a track back and forth. Exactly from this point on, the tracks slowly move to the right or left on their own, even though they haven't been started.

In addition, the previous speed also changes 🤷‍♂️

This happens with both players left and right. As soon as I use the jog wheel the tracks move. The internet couldn't help me. Maybe you can do that?

I thank you. 🤝


  • Kaldosh
    Kaldosh Member Posts: 315 Advisor

    Maybe check with a Midi monitoring app such as Pocket Midi or Protokol to check if your denon jog wheels send midi information when they don't have too ?

    That would be my first step.

    AFter that check the midi mapping and CC numbers and see if there is nothing unusual in it ?

  • Christian Traktor
    Christian Traktor Member Posts: 3 Newcomer

    Thank you very much.

    The idea with the app is very good. I didn't know such a thing existed.

    In the meantime I tried it with Traktor 2.x.

    It works perfectly there, no errors etc.

    No matter how much I provoke the mistake.

    So my guess is that it's not due to unwanted MIDI signals?

  • Harald Walker
    Harald Walker Member Posts: 27 Member

    I had it happen once a few months ago with my S4 mk3. Without touching the controller tracks very slowly started moving. Luckily didn’t happen again and who knows maybe the last update fixed it.

  • Sûlherokhh
    Sûlherokhh Member, Traktor Mapping Mod Posts: 1,710 mod
  • Stevan
    Stevan Traktor Mapping Mod Posts: 1,647 mod

    Does the tempo bend button on the screen activates?

    How many commands do you have assigned to the jog wheel?

  • zephry
    zephry Member Posts: 582 Pro

    A similar post a while back. The reason turned out to be the Speakers were shaking the table the controller was on. Might not be your issue though.

  • Christian Traktor
    Christian Traktor Member Posts: 3 Newcomer
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