Saving NKS patches for Falcon that don't lose paths?

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I saved NKS patches for all my Patchpool Falcon singles libraries on my old Mac but now I have a new one I have found that none of them have retained the file path to the samples so every time I load one it needs to hunt for the samples. I must be doing something wrong here because I also have several Freelance Soundlabs libraries for Falcon and they work fine, so evidently there is a way to save NKS patches using Falcon with transferrable paths so what do I need to do to fix this?


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    Could be the issue is a custom library Vs the factory library.

    The thing is the actual path to the UFS is embedded in the NKS file and will throw an error if you load the NKS using an older version of Falcon/Workstation that was used to create it. I get people asking constantly "why is Falcon looking for presets on D:\VST Content\UVI when i'm on macOS?" Once they update their older UFS library it works fine.

    Have you added the path to your libraries in the preferences?

    I have some additional 3rd party libraries from VI Labs and they work but that's the only thing I can think is to make sure everything is up to date and the path is set in the falcon preferences

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    Yes I have it set to auto mount the path and recursive

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    One difference may be they are not in ufs banks like the UVI ones

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