Root Dir to OneDrive in Traktor 3.8.0

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Hello everyone, my computer routed the root dir in Traktor Pro 3.8.0 to OneDrive on its own. It was either Windows or Traktor. Is this standard now? Can I get problems with this? Can I always access all data offline? Theoretically yes. I'm not a OneDrive nerd. I am looking forward to your Answers. Greetings, mike


  • lord-carlos
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    Traktor did not do this.

    If it just creates backup it's probably fine. If it starts to delete files to save space on disk you will run into problems. I'm also not a OneDrive nerd.

  • mykejb
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    One problem you might get is the sync time and space. Traktor creates a LOT of files in there like stripes for each track, so it's going to start filling your OneDrive pretty fast. I'd suggest turning off sync when you're playing gigs just so it doesn't start slowing stuff down.

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