Kontakt 7 Fact. Library & Fact. Library 2 appear as not registered

Allen Murphy
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I can't register the Factory Library and Factory Library 2. Just purchased Kontact 7 ($224.00)

I put serials in, it says registered, when I go to use it sends me back to register again. What am I doing wrong here? I'm usuing with Studio One 6.5.




  • Milos
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    Did you try reinstalling kontakt 7?

  • Vocalpoint
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    Should not need to put any serials in anywhere if you purchased via the Native Instruments shop.

    And Studio One has nothing to do with this either.

    Once your purchase is complete (I am assuming you were logged into your NI acct when purchasing?) it should be as simple as firing up Native Access 2 (Version 3.8.1) - locating the Kontakt 7 tile and clicking Install.

    Also suggest you consider refraining from installing Factory Library 1 as that was specific to Kontakt 6 and the sounds from that library are all in Factory Lib 2 (plus much more).

    I guess we need more details on exactly how your purchased Kontakt 7 as "adding serials" is not a thing if purchasing via the NI site.

    Yes - the serials will magically appear in your NI acct after purchase and can be viewed in there - but I have never ever needed to add a serial to Native Access - unless it was a third party product.


  • Jeremy_NI
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    @Allen Murphy Any update on the issue?

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