plug and play, ya gotta love it when it works!! XW-DJI

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so.... i purchased the casio XW-DJI a little while back, to supplement my maschineJam for use of both controllers to be used in Traktor... this took quite a bit of time to map Traktor to the Jam controller, customising how i wanted the layout ... the XW-DJI took a small amount of time to map...

just recently i viewed a Djay algoriddim video and was always curious about the flexible beat grids... and the hype behind the flexible beatgrids

as i went to the Djay website i was presented with 63% off a annual subscription.. immediately i was sold on the price to go for annual subscription

so as a Mac user, you can use Djay on a Ipad or on the m1 both at the same time...(and if you are clever like me... you'll run them both simultaneously on the same audio interface!! cos why not!!)

and so i wondered if the XW-DJI would work.... plug it in and BOOM no configuration!!

its just neat when you can do that!!

it reminded me of when i 1st got a hold of a s4 mk1 and traktor!! and installing everything

it is so nice to have hardware that you just plugin and it just works!!

i think i've been down the personal configuration rabbit hole for far too long!! LOL digging myself in further and further LOL

such a breath of fresh air when you just plug $#i7 in and it just works!!! *sighs


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