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I've been searching and maybe I haven't tried hard enough yet but I've tried and failed so far. So, I guess two part question with part 1 being the most important I think.

(1) How do I define custom actions or functions?

(2) How do I map that to a key? (I think I do this in 'Controller Manager' settings window)

I want to do multiple things but if I can figure out the first I will hopefully be able to figure out the rest from there. So, to start, I'd like to do the following by pressing ALT+1:

(a) Load the track that is currently playing on Deck A onto Deck B

(b) Match Deck B song position to match Deck A's position (do not sync tempo!) after done loading

(c) Set Deck B song position X beats ahead of Deck A (X being configurable to 1/4,1/2, 3/4, full beat)

Ideally instructions for Traktor 2 but I'll take instructions for any version and figure it out from there.



  • Stevan
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    Add In --> Track Deck --> Duplicate Track

    Add In --> Deck Common --> Move --> Beatjump

    Assign both to a key combination of your choice via the Learn button (find more about it on Youtube it's super easy)

  • TheVille
    TheVille Member Posts: 2 Newcomer

    Hey, thanks for the feedback. I am having trouble with some of your suggestions though...

    (1) Duplicate Track - This is tempo matching. I just want to load the track at the normal tempo. It does match the song position though which is good.

    (2) Beat Jump - This isn't working. I multibound both functions to Alt+1 and the beatjump doesn't have an effect. Is there a way to add a few milliseconds of delay between the two?

    Also, how do I specify the size of the jump? Half beat for example.

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