Suggestion for the the maschine developers

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Guys, you would murder the competition if you come up with a new maschine software that actually has a SOUND. Like for real, the last try was not good, with these mpc and SP ****** emulations, with all due respect. Design a real way to get this thing to have a sound, like real quality sample rate reduction, not that trash that is on every beat making daw, it is not just you. Get a sample rate reduction option to sound like the roland s-770, s-760, s-550, akai s3000, s950, or any digital hi-end hardware sampler before 96 or so (the hi-end "lo-fi"), the 12 bit reduction to sound like an mpc 60 (but for real this time), an 8 bit like the ensoniq mirage, pitching up or pitching down like the old machines or develop a convincing sound of your own. Give this thang a sound.


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    Hmmm, so you want it to sound bad? 😁

    FYI there's an Akai S900 just a few feet away from me, and I had a Casio SK-1 back in the day too. I'd rather have 2024 quality than 80s or 90s thanks!

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    I guess it would be for the same reason why lofi has become so popular or the reason so many people buy Roland 404's and such...

    I wouldn't mind some better emulations but there are so many plugs out there for that purpose already... Decimort is 50% off right now.

    I'm also not sure emulation is NI's strong suit. Back in the day I see them going for this, when everyone was discussing this sort of thing but Maschine's newer audience doesn't seem to care much about things more tied towards the beatmaking world.

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    @anzbert I don’t think the request was related to the M+ but Maschine in general. However NIs answer to that sort of request are actually surprisingly good.

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    meh, just use the old hardware and record its outputs to Maschine. Best sound, no emulation gimmicks required

    Modern samplers capture 100% of all nuances and character of the original sound source, warts and all. Use it to capture all the various instruments and sounds out there. Emulation will always be a moving target, getting incrementally closer to the original but never quite reaching it

    Alternatively, start learning DSP and implement your own emulations in Reaktor running in M+

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    I am sorry if my previous comment overstepped whats allowed to be openly mentioned in the forum. I wasn't aware that I am not allowed to talk about certain details. I was being a bit naive and uninformed.

    My bad and won't happen again. 🙏

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