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Hello friends,

I'm new to iTunes Match. Are the paired music kept separate from the music in my apple music library? Can't I use Rekordbox because my existing Apple music lists now match my own? Do I need to re-list the matching music separately? I didn't like this at all.

Some files appear to be “waiting, uploaded” for matching. What should I do for these files? Is there a way to continue moving forward? There are no options such as manual pairing in the options.

I see that some music is in the archive twice. Is there a way to remove repetitive music?

I'm very curious about your answers. It will upset me especially that there are different files in my first question. My lists will be prepared in vain.


  • Kayya
    Kayya Member Posts: 189 Advisor

    As far as I have experienced, the iTunes match service is kept with Apple Music files and despite the matching, the file paths are not merged. That's why there is one paired apple music file in your archive.

    While creating lists in the Apple Music application, you need to organize the paired music in order for it to work in the DJ application.

    Maybe there is a special way to combine files, but I couldn't find it. In this case, without paired files, all the lists you create in the Apple Music stream are made in vain. You cannot add to the lists by traveling around the world in the comfort of streaming music, you are limited to only those that match.

    Another way is to create a large match pool and organize your matches within the DJ software or from the matched archive in Apple Music. I don't use this method, but it is an option. The reason I don't use it is because I want to be able to add music to my playlists by browsing the streaming service from my bed.

    That's why I couldn't use the iTunes match service. I would like to share this with you. As far as I understand, Apple company wants to include us in the system with the match service and then gradually encourage us to purchase. That's why it keeps the files separate.

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