S88 Mk2 Aftertouch/Touch Strip question

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I just bought an S88 mk2 and the aftertouch doesn’t seem to have any noticeable sonic effect on any VSTis I’ve tried so far, including those made by NI (Massive X, Absynth). I’ve checked and it is transmitting aftertouch cc data, does anyone know why it doesn’t seem to be affecting instruments? Also similarly confused that the touch strip doesn’t seem to be mapped to anything in NI’s own synths, I’m aware it can have a midi cc assigned but I thought for their own products they’ve have mapped it to something by default just for instant playability.



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    After Touch needs a plugin and a patch that supports AT commands so you need to find something (or setup a synth that supports AT with a patch that is designed to use AT) and test that. If you have MIDI going in and you also see MIDI data when you press harder on the key after playing it, AT is working but it doesn't apply unless the plugin + preset use it for something.

    The Touchstrip, no it is not mapped to anything and is for user use only in MIDI mode. This is because not all keyboards have a custom TS to be used, it is not part of the NKS standard, only the 8 encoders are "auto mapped" to anything.

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    Thanks @JesterMgee, I've since tried some Form patches and the aftertouch affects some of those so it is working, think I just thought it would be more widely mapped (ditto the touch controller).

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    Dear od22, could you please tell me, which cc did you used to midi 1, so that i can putted and check it?

    thank you for your time

    For now on it works with cc64 like a petal sustain (with the exception that my finger is my foot) and as a pitch bend (that my finger can go from the middle to right or left so it bends), but i want to do what seaboard does, with my touchstrip of native instruments...

    Do you have Any ideas??? Please enlight me (with the little blue light of Komplete hehe😅),

    I look forward see news from you! Thank you,


    P.s: I am using S88 mk2 Komplete NI

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