Doubt about how to configure a PAD X/Y for TRAKTOR

RaHulk DJ
RaHulk DJ Member Posts: 63 Helper

I'm making a TouchOSC template to use the effects from the iPAD, but I have a question how it would be better to use it. It's not about setup, it's about what would be best for the DJ. That's why I would like to know the opinion of TRAKTOR users.

I see three possible options:

- That the PAD controls the level of the effects (knob 1, Knob2, Knob 3).

- That the PAD controls the Dry/Wet level and the knobs can be controlled manually from their respective knobs.

- That the PAD controls both the Dry/Wet level and Knobs 1, 2 and 3.

The PAD works in both GROUP and INDIVIDUAL mode.

Any opinion will be appreciated. The template will be free to use, all features are free.

Sorry for my English, I only speak Spanish and I use the Google translator.

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