Guitar sample libraries , content and use ?

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is there an electric guitar sample that i can play as i do in nylon guitar. Either single notes or comping rhythms. Would elctric mint work? I dont nedd just loops.




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    If you want to play your own melodies instead of just patterns only, then Electric Mint would indeed work. It comes with a second instrument for melodic playing.

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    I am not well versed enough actually using the libraries so I am unable to give you an exhaustive answer , but I do know that : e.g. ELECTRIC MINT. provides two different modes, namely the Melody mode and the Pattern mode.

    Quote : Playing Melodies : After loading the Melody instrument up, you are presented with a melody section on the left and a pattern section on the right. If the melody section is selected, the instrument will play the notes you press instead of sequencing a pattern. This enables you to play your own melodies with ELECTRIC MINT.

    For further information then please consult the product manual !

    Also ! , the most economical way of acquiring a good set of N.I. apps and libraries are by buying one of the Komplete 14 bundles , standard or better ! Standard version got three Acoustic and Electric Guitars including the "Electric Mint" and also three Electric Bass and higher tier bundles got more ! (of course as with a lot of other things then K14 bundles can be bought at sales with advantage !)

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