How can I downgrade from 3.11.1 to 3.8 and still keep all prep work and tagging from 3.11.1?

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I wonder if I can install 3.8 and get it to read off my current 3.11 collection. At this point I wouldn't mind going back to Rosetta, as long as I can keep my current collection and the prep hours I've put into 3.9, 3.10 and 3.11.1 since I last used 3.8 months ago. I'm talking about a year's worth of weekly playlist organization, track tagging and hotcue mapping.

Anybody with insights as to how to downgrade without losing work done on the newer versions?

I do have a Lexicon subscription, perhaps that would help. You can import Traktor collections and convert to other platforms, including Traktor itself. I wonder how that would work if I import from 3.11, then install 3.8 and delete 3.11, and finally send the Lexicon library back to Traktor.

Also, for that matter, where to find a copy of 3.8?

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  • lord-carlos
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    Always make a backup, but I don't see why would would not be able to just import the 3.11 collection into 3.8

    I don't think you will need to go through Lexicon.

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    There's a download of 3.8 here - Traktor Pro Legacy Installers for Older Operating Systems – Native Instruments (

    You should be ok using the collection.nml file from 3.11, but as @lord-carlos says back up your Traktor folder first. Then back it up again just in case!

  • DJDL
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    Thanks both for your valuable help!

  • dj_np
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    Can anyone help me with same version but for Windows? I need clean install file of 3.8 for win, but can't find it

  • mykejb
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    You'll need to put in a support ticket unfortunately, I can't find anywhere on the NI website do download it.

  • DJDL
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    Hi. I did get the download from your link, thanks.

    And well, what can I say... this went sour quickly.

    I backed up everything to an external HD. Then created a second user in my Mac, so as to not mess with my main user's preferences and settings, including Traktor settings and files.

    I logged in as the second user, installed 3.8 and directed its folders to the external HD. Added music folders from the external HD. Imported collection from 3.11 from the external HD.

    Ok, so I can see the playlists and the music collection. Histories are not functional cause they belong to another path, which I've not found a way to redirect to the files on the HD. I cannot use histories and play music off of them. Plus, music files are not analyzed. It is a big library, I've yet to figure out where this analysis resides, so that I don't have to reanalyze thousands of tracks.

    I cannot use my X1MK3 but I knew this.

    This situation is not ideal, its seems kind of desperate, and just before last nights gig I thought I'd rather face it with my full working gear in 3.11 and accept the possibility of a meltdown than go handicapped without the X1MK3 and a mediocre mapping I did on the 3rd party controller, which is what I had with me at the moment (my fault for not bringing the Mk2).

    So I logged out of this messed up frankenstein installation of sorts, and went back to my main user, like 5 minutes before the gig. What a surprise. The 3.8 install on the second user wiped my 3.11 App from the computer. The documents folder was there, but no app, and what the hell, 3.8 opened straight into the setup wizard. Besides, Traktor was complaining with all sorts of "not properly installed" messages. I know, not to mess with things before a gig. But I swear I did try to do this safely. You can guess what a mess the night was. I ended up calling another dj to fill in for me.

    By the middle of the night I had managed to open 3.10 which was still present in my Mac, and started to cue a track as to alternate for a while, and I swear I am not making this up, by the time the other dj went to the restroom, 3.10 had frozen on me, forcing me to jump over to the other dj's USB based rig and press play in whatever track was cued there.

    What a friggin nightmare this has become.

    Just letting off steam here. But perhaps this experience can help someone else who is more prudent and does not embark down this cumbersome path anywhere near the date of a gig.

    Still keeping the faith.

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