I can't believe I fell for Kontakt 7 upgrade

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I've been using Kontakt since version 1, and I feel like I just got majorly scammed into upgrading to Kontakt 7. Kontakt 5 was supposed to still work, but for some reason was showing up as "demo mode" only. So I parted ways with 100 bucks to roll the dice, hoping they'd have at least made the GUI modern.

So far, it's unusable for me. Some strange bug that won't show the "Create New Instrument" option. Eventually it shows up, if I mess around with random menus, or wait. I have no idea, but eventually I can create a new instrument, which (again) is all I'm really here for - to sample my own audio files, just like I always have in Kontakt, since probably 2 decades ago now. It used to be SO EASY. Now I can't for the life of me make anything work. What did NI do???

If anyone can point me to a useful tutorial that can allow me to use my full screen width, when programming banks, I'd welcome feeling dumb that I don't get it. It seems like the newfangled browser was given all the love? If NI expects me to continue to invest time and energy into Kontakt, they are crazy. I am so out.

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