Traktor HID with CDJ 3000

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Does someone knows witch Traktor version supports HID on the Pioneer CDJ 3000?

I'm on Traktor 3.2.0. will this one work?

So.. I'm a big believer of "if it isn't broke, don't fix it" so i've been happily stop updating Traktor since version 3.2.0.

Also I've got and old Mac, and i normally connect 2 CDJs, a Mixer and a Kontrol X1 all at the same time, screen waveforms lag a bit sometimes when I do.. so I don't think upgrading to a more CPU intensive version of Traktor will be a good idea. Anyhow, until Native comes with some new feature on an update I may find indispensable so much I must upgrade my computer.. then I'm fine.

I've connected it to all types of CDI thru HID and have no problem so far. But the "new" CDJ 3000 I havent tried it yet, and I'm gonna play in a club that has those.

Thanks in advance for any clarity.



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